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At Be. our mission is to encourage and nurture youth to live above their socially-imposed limitations; to develop their character, talents, and leadership skills allowing them to go beyond a dream and achieve remarkable excellence.

Our Partners

We have had an opportunity to partner with a number of great organizations. From local government to educational institutions, community organizations, and more.


Tonee A. Lawson

Executive Director

Tonee used that experience as a springboard and took a leap of faith in 2014 to start The Be. Org.


Tonee continues her grassroots work, through her service as one of the founding members of Bmore R.I.S.E., an organization founded in 2016 that combines socially-engaging experiences and social impact to empower the Baltimore community. 


Beril Ozay

Program Coordinator

 Through her volunteer experiences, Beril has
relished the opportunity to get to know and work with people from many different walks of life
such as youth at-risk, adults with intellectual, physical, and developmental disabilities, children
with chronic illnesses, and older adults with neurological disorders, to name a few. 

In her free time, Beril enjoys getting to know her community through volunteering, exploring
local stores, supporting local arts and educational events, and creating art when she feels
exceptionally inspired!


Advisory Board Members

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Bethe dream

Through out-of-school time programs, specialized youth development, conferences, and pop up events, we have truly challenged our youth to Be.

Email: theBEorg@gmail.com

Phone: 240-324-6061

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