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10 Influential Women of Color in STEM

Women have been paving the way in STEM for centuries despite often being overlooked, overshadowed, or plain ignored. At the Be. Org, we encourage all of our students, especially girls, to Be. their wildest dreams. Here are 10 influential women in STEM we think you should know!

Dorothy Lavinia Brown The first Black female surgeon in the 1900s and activist for Women's Rights. She assisted in WWII through her surgical work!

Dr. Marie M. Daly The first Black woman to obtain a doctorate in Chemistry. She used her expertise in this field of science to research, educate, and teach as a biochemist.

Mary Jackson The first Black woman to become an aeronautical engineer. She dedicated her life to constructing data reports and encouraging other women to obtain STEM positions at NASA.

Dr. Shirley Jackson The first Black woman to receive a doctorate in nuclear physics. Later in life, she was awarded the National Medal of Science by Barack Obama.

Katherine Johnson She completed the calculations necessary to put the first man on the moon at NASA! You might be familiar with her story from the film, Hidden Figures.

Dr. Gladys West She was a mathematician who discovered the mathematics used to invent GPS. She also contributed to space discoveries in the solar system.

Dr. Jane Cooke Wright She was a pioneer in cancer research and became the highest-ranking Black woman in a United States medical institution.

Dr. Euphemia Lofton Haynes She was an educator, mathematician, and the first Black woman to receive a doctorate in mathematics!

Susan La Flesche The first Native American woman to earn a medical degree to become a physician. She has provided medical care to thousands from the Omaha tribe.

Angella Dorothea Ferguson She studied biology and became a pediatrician. She would later discover a blood test that detects sickle cell anemia at birth that is now used In over 30 states!

Dr. Ellen Ochoa First Latine astronaut to explore space! She obtained a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and began her journey at NASA to become an astronaut.

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