Children's Book Week List

In celebration of Children's Book Week, now is the perfect time to cozy up with a new read for you or your learner! Check out some of the highlights from 2021 and beyond below!

Baby & Toddler (Board Books)

Courage Is Courage looks like a superhero or a firefighter, but it also looks like a lot of everyday things. Jason and True Kander's new board book explores how everyone can have courage every day––and be scared, too! Ages: Baby to 3

DC Super Heroes: Diversity Is A Superpower & The Power of Kindness Julie Merberg is back with two new titles in the DC Super Heroes series and they're all about diversity and kindness. The DC Universe is packed with people from all over, with unique traits and qualities that lend a hand to others in need. With bright illustrations and a simple narrative, these board books for babies are just as fun to look at for adults. Ages: Baby-3

Little Observers On the Farm & In the Park Claire Beaton's two board books introduce babies to the big world around them. Simple narratives take readers through the farm and park, pointing out the beauty along the way. Each story ends with two pages dedicated to search and find, where everyone can make sure they caught all the details. Ages: Baby+

B is for Bison Greg Paprocki's introduces young readers to 26 National Parks. Each letter of the alphabet shares something that can be found in each park, with beyond adorable illustrations. Ages: Baby+

Trees- A Count & Find Primer Count to 10 and learn all about trees along the way with Greg Paprocki's new primer. This book ends with plenty of fun facts about each tree and a search and find component. Ages: Baby+

Words of the World: Ocean Animals & Birds Beautifully simplistic collages by Motomitsu Maehara come together in these multilingual board books. Each one comes with over a dozen animals, each one translated into seven languages that include English, Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, French, Arabic and Esperanto. Ages: Baby+

Glow The duo from Curls is here with a new board book for baby. Ruth Forman and Geneva Bowers bring Glow, which highlights the beauty of Black Joy and tells the story of a little boy who uses the moon to celebrate his lovely skin. Ages: Baby+

Rise and Shine From legendary children's musician, Raffi comes a new board book with the lyrics of his song, "Rise and Shine." Accompanied by adorable illustrations, your youngest reader will love this addition to the Songs to Read collection that encourages kids to wake up and start the day with a smile. Ages: Baby+

PreK/Kindergarten Goodbye, Old House Moving house can be sad and scary, but exciting too! Margaret Wild and Ann James share a sweet story of saying goodbye, but hello at the same time. Ages: 3-7 Cat & Dog: A Tale of Opposites Is there anything more opposite than a cat and a dog? This sweet book of differences from Tullio Corda shares that opposites don't mean enemies. Ages: 3-6 Mister Fairy Fairies are usually smiling and happy, but Mister Fairy just isn't a morning person and has a hard time enjoying his job. When he decides to leave the forest, his adventure takes him on a journey where he learns his role and how amazing it is to bring joy to others. Ages: 4-8 Teatime Around the World Many people enjoy teatime, but did you know it's celebrated differently around the world? Follow along on a trip across the globe and have po cha in Tibet, afternoon tea in England and matcha in Japan in this gorgeous book by Denyse Waissbluth. Ages: 3-7 See the Dog That's not a dog, that's a cat! This silly tale from David LaRochelle follows Baby Cakes, a cat on dog duty. How will this furry pal handle all the duties of a dog? Ages: 4-8 Right Now!: Real Kids Speaking Up for Change Do you want to be a change maker? Miranda Paul's book shares real kids making a difference, no matter their age. With illustrations by Bea Jackson, learn all about Jazz Jennings, Greta Thunberg and more. Ages: 4-7 ABC of Feelings From Anxious to Zany, feelings are a curious thing! Written and illustrated by Bonnie Lui, this simple book helps kiddos identify their emotions and learn what to do with them. Ages: 3-7 Maybe... Three little monkeys are getting into some mischief! Christ Haughton's bright tale about maaaaaybe pushing boundaries proves a fun and delightful message to young readers. Ages: 3-7 Cat Problems Cat lovers will fully appreciate this hilarious tale from Jory John. With perfectly textured illustrations from Lane Smith, this fun book follows the completely difficult life of a house cat as he navigates his day. Ages: 3-7 Trick or Treat, Crankenstein Crankenstein is back! Samantha Berger and Dan Santant follow the lovable character as he navigates his fave holiday. But will a toothache, pumpkin carving issue and terrible costume nightmare take out all the fun? Ages: 4-8 Archer Otters: Megalodon Outbreak The Archer Otters are out to save the day. When seaweed starts to run low, threatening their food supply, the trio heads to the ocean to find more. Can they battle the evil submarine and scary megalodon and find the seaweed they seek? Ages: 4-8 Sonny Says Mine!