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How to Ask Your Employer If They Participate in Donation Matching

Interested in making your donation go even further? Copy our script to share with your employer to inquire if they participate in philanthropic matching!

Step One: Figure Out Who To Contact

Each organization is different, however, most handle philanthropic matching through their Human Resource (HR) or Philanthropy Department if they have one. Unsure who to contact? Consider writing your direct supervisor or head of operations.

Step Two: Copy Our Script Into An Email

Copy and paste our script below

"Hi [insert employers name],

I'm interested in supporting the 501(c)(3) charity The Be. Org (EIN 87-1105149), a Baltimore-based organization committed to empowering and nurturing Youth to Be. their wildest dreams.

I've heard that many companies will match charitable donations made by their employees. This would mean that my gift to The Be. Org could go even further in helping to support Youth through educational experiences related to STEM, Social-Emotional Development, as well as College and Career Readiness.

Please let me know if our company offers a program like this, and how I can sign up to have my donation to The Be. Org matched.

[signature of your choice]"

Step Three: Personalize and Send

Be sure to personalize your email with your intended recipient's name, desired signature, and any additional personal connection you have with our cause. People's personal stories, connections, and passion can be great motivators to employers to offer a match or even get involved more with our cause!

Step Four: Share Your Story

Whether you successfully find an employer match or want to share your experience, don't hesitate to contact us to share your story and get involved with us.

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